We believe financial planning is too often practiced in a piecemeal fashion. From our experience, we find a client's advisors are sometimes not closely collaborating with each other and this can create coordination gaps. This coordination gap can lead to the investment advisor representative titling assets inconsistent with the attorney’s estate planning documents. Likewise, beneficiary designations made by the insurance agent may not have the intended legacy goals. Often the CPA is unaware of taxes generated by the investment portfolio and possible estate taxes, until well after the fact. We act as the quarterback of your financial situation, coordinating all advisors efforts together and in unison. The result is a personalized, well-developed, and coordinated plan. A financial plan can help construct the foundation on which to build an independent financial future.
Sprague Wealth Solutions provides financial planning services to an affluent clientele comprised primarily of owners of closely held businesses, senior corporate executives, pre-retirees and professionals. Planning is focused on all pertinent disciplines and based upon each client’s individual financial situation and personal objectives. The degree of detail and sophistication of the financial planning services provided varies according to the individual client’s circumstances. Each client is provided with a written summary of the work undertaken, including customized recommendations and the all-important implementation checklist. This is where words meet actions.
A financial plan can help organize finances in an efficient manner to help reduce taxes, potentially increase investment return, and provide adequate risk management. Also, engaging a financial planner can save valuable time, allowing clients to pursue personal interests and help gain confidence regarding financial goals. Many individuals today are too busy keeping up with the changes in their own specialized career areas to remain current with the ever-changing financial services industry.  To prepare a financial plan with the same attention to detail as that of a professional planner would take too much time and research, if it could be done at all.  This would be time away from your family, personal life, occupation, business or civic responsibilities.
Planning for financial success may seem complicated in today’s world. A broad knowledge of multiple disciplines, from complex investment products to evolving tax laws, is required. As the scope of financial services grows, so does the need for professionals to provide these services. That’s why Sprague Wealth Solutions approaches financial planning needs with a team of seasoned professionals. Experience in a variety of financial planning disciplines that combine their knowledge and insight, drawing on decades of practical experience to determine the appropriate financial strategy for each client’s individual needs.